Hello! I'm Nick Shady and I'm running to make our community in the Ballarat Electorate better.

Being a Safe Labor Seat means we often get ignored at the Federal Government level. Together, we can change that!

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Nick Shady
Independent Candidate
for the Federal Seat of Ballarat

I am committed to Ballarat and will fight for both federal and local issues that are important to our community.
The Ballarat Electorate has been forgotten by the ruling government of the day. With a current strong Federal member since 2001, Ballarat seems likely to miss out on any new federally allocated funds due to the nature of being a very safe seat.

My Platform

As a country we have lost control of our sovereignty. Unfortunately we have lost control of our natural resources; coal, LNG and now agricultural companies are becoming foreign owned and controlled. It seems like the horse has bolted and the next generations are going to pay for the short-minded mistakes of all previous governments, that have allowed this to happen.

Australia is in a position where we value what we have and that we are very lucky compared to other countries around the world. To continue our quality of life for our families now and in the future, we must act to protect what we have now.

I am concerned that the next government will inherit a slowing economy, reducing property prices and increased national debts. We need act sooner rather than later as new policies will affect all our society as future governments will have no option but to introduce and inheritance tax and increase the GST. This will be at the detriment of the whole community by increasing the cost of living, which we are all experiencing each year.

Here are what I think are the key issues affecting our Ballarat and our Community

·        Banning Coal & Gas exports (which would include stopping the new Adani mine)

·        Stop offshore gas and oil exploration (especially in Bass Strait)

·        Halt current immigration levels until  infrastructure catches up to the population growth (Melton Highway and Western Highway duplications)

·        Investigate the overly generous parliamentary pension scheme, no early drawing of pensions to be in line with the rest of the population

·        Deliver all of the recommendations of the Banking Royal Commission, especially removing trailing commissions on the mortgage broking industry

·        Investigate why the foreign owned companies that operate in Australia pay so little taxation

·        Phase out employment agencies that operate in our employment space, this would potentially reduce the casualization of our workforce

·        Allow public service agencies to be run by the public service, NOT like the current situation where we have organisations like SERCO contracted to run public services

·        Specific inquiry into the Suicide rate in the Ballarat region; an immediate installation of services and help for survivors of clergy abuse, and a regional well-being hub for people that are suffering health issues

·        Reduce the gaming machine numbers in the Ballarat region by 10% per year; society cannot afford the continued financial losses from our community

What I offer as a candidate

As an Independent Candidate for the Federal Election in 2019, here is what I have to offer our electorate:

25 Years Business Experience

For the last 25 years,  I have run a broadacre cropping farm. During this time, I have developed a range of people, strategic management, and financial skills that would be useful as a member of parliament.

Mental Health Advocate

I am passionate about mental health in our community. We have one of the higest suicide rates in the country. I am a qualified Telephone Counsellor and was on the Steering Committee for The Ripple Effect project.

A Local that Loves Our Town

We are blessed to live in one the best places in the world (though in winter I definitely miss the sunshine). I am committed to making Ballarat and the region better!


I am running as an Independent Candidate in the 2019 Federal Election because like many people, I am disillusioned with the major parties. As an Independent Candidate, I can speak freely about important issues in our community.

About me…

Let’s Get Personal

Being a Dad

The birth of my son was the best thing that has ever happened to me. My son, Spencer, is seven and he is the most loving person I know. He is mad about beyblades so here we are in hideous matching shirts with some of his newer beys.


I cook a mean schnitzel at home (according to Spencer), but other than that, cooking is not my speciality. I like to eat out and Ballarat has some great restaurants and cafes.


While I no longer farm with my brother, I am always there if he needs a hand, and vice-versa. My family live on farms in Skipton and surrounding areas.


Ok, I will admit to having binged watched some Netflix shows.


We have two dogs, Holly the Jack Russell, and Cutie the Border Collie.

Like what I stand for? Help my campaign!

If you would like to assist with my campaign, please  give me a call or fill out the contact form below. Thank you!

Contact Nick

I am committed to listening to the people of this electorate.
Please feel free to contact me using the form below and I will be sure to get back to you.  Thank you.
Alternatively, you can call me on 0407 040 236.
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